While living in New York, I am currently employed at Brandix:  a sourcing and manufacturing company in Sri Lanka. I work as a consultant between our manufacturing team in Sri Lanka and the design and tech team in New York. During my tenure, I have worked with the Panty, Sleep, and Modern Lounge team. My work has consisted of, but is not limited to, Fashion Design, Product Development, and Raw Material sourcing. Here are some examples of some extraordinary things my team and I have accomplished:


  • Each year, Brandix puts on a “Roadshow” for Victoria’s Secret. It is similar to trunk shows, as seen in photos below. We source fabrics, design styles, and manufacture samples to present to Victoria’s Secret based on fashion trends and the company’s vision.

2019 Roadshow

2018 Roadshow

“Lacie Lace Up” Consulting Project

  • Victoria’s Secret has had a basic lace panty in their stores for many years. We were tasked with creating new styles based on their infamous lace panty. Below, you can see the options we presented (Victoria’s Secret decided on buying the white lace up panty and is now in stores all over America):


Seasonal Mood Boards

  • Each season, I put together mood boards that exhibit the upcoming season’s trends and model the company’s vision. We use images. fabrics, and samples to portray our ideas. Here are a few examples of the boards that I put together: